About BEKH

BEKH stands for Black Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, and is the national hub for research, data and insights on Black entrepreneurship in Canada. A key part of the Government of Canada’s Black Entrepreneurship Program. BEKH brings together an extensive network of community groups, entrepreneurs, universities and research scholars to co-lead research across sectors.

Our Shared Vision With BEKH

In December 2021 Minister Ng announced the partners for the Black Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (BEKH), a component of the Black Entrepreneurship Program. This is a new national initiative and the first of its kind focused on community-led research collaborations on Black entrepreneurship ecosystems, anchored in regional hubs.


In partnership with the Government of Canada, the Dream Legacy Foundation (DLF) DLF is thrilled to have been entrusted to co-lead this initiative in partnership with Carleton University Sprott School of Business to engage and mobilize an extensive national network of Black entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, community organizations, academic institutions, and researchers to share the lived experiences of Black entrepreneurs in communities across the country. Together, DLF and Carleton form the BEKH Central Hub.


As part of this role, the Black Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub Dream Legacy Foundation will deliver a number of community engagement activities intended to support the advancement of Black Entrepreneurs throughout the Canadian innovation ecosystem

Why This Program Was Launched

Black entrepreneurship has always been a vital part of Canada’s economy, but large-scale, detailed research and pan-Canadian information has been limited. Generating knowledge and sharing of lived experiences has a vital role in informing public policies needed to address systemic barriers Black entrepreneurs face. With the launch of BEKH, Black community-led organizations will be able to engage and build research capacity with Black entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions to address systemic economic challenges informed by local needs and priorities

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Assisting in developing strategies and identifying platforms to drive continued community engagement and reporting.

Striving in removing barriers and obstacles that hamper the success of the Black entrepreneurship ecosystem in Canada

Stewardship and accountability to the Black community – builds trust and ensures equal and beneficial multimodal ways to access and contribute to data

Dream Legacy Foundations Role With BEKH

As part of this role, the Black Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub Dream Legacy Foundation will deliver a number of community engagement activities intended to support the advancement of Black Entrepreneurs throughout the Canadian innovation ecosystem.
These activities include:

  • Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information, and/or advancing research on black’s entrepreneurship

  • Supporting and sharing best practices and knowledge among black entrepreneurs and businesses supporting organizations

  • Implement regional community engagement and knowledge mobilization events and activities

Core Activities


  • Coordinate implementation across all regions in Canada grounded by Black Community-engaged and led research


  • Reporting on research, knowledge mobilization, producing policy, practitioner and academic publications, tool kits, and other outputs as well as identifying new funding sources to build out new research projects across Canada 


  • Building partnership capabilities including research project governance, infrastructure and    management, community engagement, and capacity building

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Central Hub

BEKH Central Hub is led by Isaac Olowolafe (DLF), Dr. Gerald Grant, and Dr. Rick Colbourne (Sprott School of Business) Directors have considerable experience managing and conducting large research, community, and business projects. 

Central Hub will initiate national quantitative and qualitative large-scale research projects, cross-Canada ecosystem mapping and Regional Hubs will collaborate with community organizations to identify, design, and conduct research and report back on progress. 

The Bekh Team

Gerald Grant, PHD
Co-Director of BEKH

Isaac Olowolafe Jr
Co-Director of BEKH

Andrea Pierce, MBA
Executive Director, BEKH

Program Partners

The DMZ is Toronto Metropolitan University’s business incubator for early-stage technology startups. The incubator was launched under the name Digital Media Zone in April 2010, a year after then-president Sheldon Levy announced his intention to make digital media a top priority for the university.

Prof Grant and Prof. Rick Colbourne, assistant dean of Equity and Inclusive Communities at Sprott, are co-leading the establishment of BEKH at Carleton. To put this plan into action, BEKH has received the support of the federal government and forms a key pillar of its Black Entrepreneurship Program (BEP).

This program is brought to you by: Black Entrepreneurship Program Ecosystem Fund


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