Housing Programs

Dream Legacy Foundation strives to ensure that Black
communities can take part in the economic benefit and
homeownership freedoms that can bring to an individual.


Affordable Housing and Home Ownership

DLF leverages our team core competencies in real estate development and property management to partner with and improve housing and communities for Black Canadians, focusing on the social determinants of health that affect residents’ quality of life and long-term health and success. Integrated into all our projects are Construction Skill Trades Training and Apprenticeships opportunities.


DLF Community Developments, leverages partnership with seasoned developers, property managers and community organizations to provide high-quality, well-managed affordable housing and support services towards improving families’ and seniors’ overall quality of life. Our Data collection framework ensures data-informed decision-making for programs and services and long-term tracking of economic, social and health outcomes.

 Programs we Offer

Black North Initiative Homeownership Bridge Program

The Homeownership Program, brought to you by DLF and Black North Initiative, helps working Black families like yours become homeowners, empowering you to build security, stability, equity, and the opportunity to make life

 better for yourselves, your children, and generations to come.


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