We Believe in Empowering Black Communities

We here at Dream Legacy Foundation believe in fostering social and economic empowerment of the Black community across Canada, our community is faced with many social and economical challenges.

Dream Legacy Foundation recognizes that our community if equipped with the right resource, can harness the talent and innovative ways that are found in the black community.Our core focus areas consist of cultural identity, economic inclusion, housing, health, education and research. We are on a mission to #ChangeTheNarrative.

Our 6 Core Focus Areas


Closing the homeownership gap for Black families.

Economic Inclusion

Breaking the economic barriers for the underrepresented.


Aims to improve, systemic challenges that impact Black entrepreneurship.


Building partnerships to find innovative solutions to improve the quality of life.

Cultural Identity

Promoting our rich culture and the contributions of Black Canadians.


Providing the tools and skills to make responsible financial decisions.



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