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    About Us


    About Us

    We are fostering black entrepreneurship across Canada.

    There is a wealth of entrepreneurial talent and a hunger for innovation that are within our community. The Dream Legacy Foundation (DLF) is working towards unlocking that full potential.


    Founded by Isaac Olowolafe Jr., the DLF is a philanthropic organization that serves as a diversity and an inclusion social thought leader advocating for the millions of talented Black Citizens and historically underrepresented communities.

    Meet the Team and Board Members

    Isaac Olowolafe Jr.- Founder & CEO - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Isaac Olowolafe Jr.  |  Founder


    Isaac Olowolafe Jr. is an entrepreneur, business owner, and philanthropist. He established The Dream Maker Realty/Olowolafe Family Scholarship Award at the University of Toronto, the largest endowment for African Studies in any Canadian university.

    Lise Birikundavyi - Finance - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Lise Birikundavyi  |  Board Member


    Lise Birikundavyi is the principal and fund manager for Black Innovation Capital, the first institutionally-backed black-led VC fund in Canada. Lise is an innovative finance specialist who has worked with several international institutions, most notably the Jacobs Foundation for whom she managed their EdTech impact investment strategy. Lise also mentors and supports highly promising and impactful start-ups in emerging markets.


    Lise began her career in the hedge fund industry in Montreal and her interest in mixing attractive financial returns with long term societal impact is what inspired her to transition to the impact finance sector. She has experience across the investment spectrum: from funds of funds and VCs, to being the transition CEO of a tech start-up.


    Lise is a CFA charterholder; she also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, where she wrote her thesis on impact investing, and a trilingual BBA from HEC Montreal. Lise is fluent in French, English and Spanish, and has a conversational level of Mandarin. She is a firm believer in using the forces of capital markets as a basis for more inclusive wealth creation and sustainable poverty alleviation.

    Pharaoh Hamid Freeman Rouse - Board Member - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Pharaoh Hamid Freeman Rouse  |  Board Member


    Father, Husband, Community builder, Networker, project and event coordinator, Sales and marketing specialist.


    Founder of the OneFullCircle Melanated Community Network (The OFC). The OFC was in October 2011, and currently serving a network of over 15,000 members consisting of Individuals, Families, business owners, entrepreneurs and organizations.


    Under Pharaoh direction The OneFullCircle Network is created for hosting the United Nations (UN) delegates conducting the study on people of African in Canada, raising over $40,000 for a collective investment project and hosting the 2020 Peace protest that mobilized 150,000 people.


    Pharaoh Hamid-Freeman Rouse currently sits on the board of directors for; Afro Summit (VP), International Black Economic Forum (FEIN) (Director), South Shore Black Community Association (Director).

    Alexander Sinora - Board Member - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Alexander Sinora  |  Board Member


    Alexander Sinora sold his first small marketing agency by the end of his bachelor’s. Currently, he is a technology consultant specialized in the Financial Services industry at Deloitte. He is also a research assistant at McGill University in entrepreneurship & social innovation. He also sits on the youth advisory board at Desjardins.


    Involved in his community; he sits on an advisory board as a federal policy advisor at the Black Canadian Youth Approach within the Heritage Department. He also cofounded the black wealth club, where he leads a cohort of 50 young black leaders. Furthermore, he started a community project called MTLGiveback, where he enables the youth to be active in their community. He also hosts a podcast called “Les Généralistes.”


    Alexander is a recipient of a BComm in accounting at John Molson School of Business.

    Chris Emergui - Board Member - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Chris Emergui  |  Board Member


    Chris Emergui founded BAM Strategy, one of Canada’s first digital marketing agencies, in 1996. BAM has been named one of Canada’s Top Employers multiple times and won several awards for their work. Chris was a winner of the 2000 BDC Entrepreneur of the Year award.


    Through “BAM Aid”, BAM has also helped over fifty charities through volunteering time for initiatives like “Shore Clean Ups” as well as donating over 125,000 meals to Breakfast For Learning.


    He is heavily involved in various charities including Montreal Community Cares where he sits on the board and the OFC on various committees. He also coaches many sports teams in his community.

    Lin Furguson - Board Member - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Lin Ferguson  |  Board Member


    Lin Ferguson is currently the Executive Director for the Rhema Foundation Canada, a global charity that approaches the human condition from a holistic approach. Lin was recently recognized for her leadership by her local MP, Michael Levitt, for her leadership in February during the Black History Month of this year.

    Ike Okafor - Board Member - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Ike Okafor  |  Advisor


    Ike Okafor works at the Office of Health Professions Student Affairs as the Senior Officer, Service Learning and Diversity Outreach.


    A central focus of his work at the University of Toronto has been working collaboratively with university divisions, student groups and community organizations to promote access to post-secondary education, particularly the University of Toronto.

    Warren-Salmon - Board Member - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Warren G. Salmon  |  Advisor


    Warren G. Salmon founded Black Board International, a software company, in order to provide a variety of technology-based products and services with culturally inclusive content. Black Board currently offers programs that are used by thousands of children and adults in educational institutes and homes around the world.

    Paul Green - Board Member - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Paul Green  |  Advisor


    Paul Green is a community leader, with over 35 years of experience working at a grassroots level in many of the communities across the Greater Toronto Area. He has developed a network of relationships throughout the education, entertainment and business sector.


    Paul is also a founder of B.S.A. (The Universal Black Students Association), B.L.O.C.K. Headz (Building Links On Community Korners), and Rush The Vote (a national youth voter turnout initiative), spearheading many projects and initiatives that focus on developing young leaders to see themselves as agents of social change. Paul is currently an educator with the TDSB and a founding member of ONABSE (Ontario Association of Black School Educators), specializing in “edutainment” programming; an arts and entertainment approach to education with a focus on civic and media literacy.


    With expertise in youth and community civic engagement, Paul has developed programming for youth, from adolescence to early adulthood. This programming promotes the importance of involvement in the political system as a key and vital component to building prosperous communities and teaches how the political system and government work.


    Mr. Green’s previous experience includes working with young offenders in both open and closed custody facilities, developing educational resource material as well as counseling, mentoring and coaching. Most recently, Paul has served as the Vice Chair and Acting Chair for Caribana Arts Group.

    Monique Asuquo - President - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Monique Asuquo  |  President


    Monique Asuquo is the President of Dream Legacy Foundation. In this role, she is in charge of identifying and driving initiatives for the foundation that bridge the relationship between institution and community.


    Monique began her career in the Education sector and spent significant time teaching English to newcomers to Canada. She has extensive community experience supporting adults and children that do not speak English as a first language. A graduate of University of Toronto TESOL program, she possesses firsthand knowledge of the significance of community support immigrant communities. More recently, she has transferred her education and operations skills to various projects in the real estate and development space.


    Monique is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) and holds a Master Degree in Second Language Education from the University of Toronto. She wrote her thesis on the difficulties of community assimilation in a second language. She is passionate about helping newcomers as well as underrepresented child and youth.

    Jamie Koble - Administrator - Dream Legacy Foundation

    Jamie Koble  |  Administrator


    Jamie Koble is a Project Manager and Administrator for Dream Legacy Foundation. In this role she is responsible for managing and organizing the day-to-day aspects of the business.


    Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Jamie has been very involved in her community over the years. Volunteering as a Leadership advisor for various youth camps, programs and teaching all ages in the world of aquatics. She has a great passion for youth development and coaching.


    Miss. Koble has over 10 years experience in professional services being involved in sales, app development, fashion, construction, advertising campaigns, insurance and finance. She is passionate about business development and has a wealth of experience in office work, management, research, recruiting and marketing. Her main goal right now is to grow and prosper within the Dream organization.

    Our Vision and Value

    Our Vision


    We envision an inclusive market economy in which systemic barriers are eradicated and the contributions of underrepresented groups are amplified and valued.


    Our Value


    To keep Paying It Forward for a more economically inclusive Canada, where your talents, resilience and content of character are what truly counts.


    Our Mission


    We support grassroots capacity building and promote economic inclusion of marginalized communities as a viable and innovative way to create a more representative, sustainable, inclusive, and harmonious society.


    Our Commitment


    Our commitment is to changing the narrative for Black communities through social and economic inclusion approaches, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.


    Our programs and initiatives include:

    Priorities and Competencies


    • Building a Community Capacity Impact Fund
    • Building a healthy fund to support DLFs key focus areas.
    • Being a lead national voice on the strategic importance of investing in the economic infrastructure and entrepreneurial capabilities of Blacks and other racialized Canadians.


    Preferred skills, competencies and assets

    • Believes that Canada is their home and country too
    • Respected community and business leader
    • Awareness of the UN Decade for People of African Descent
    • Understanding of fund development
    • Accounting and risk management
    • Philanthropy
    • Knowledge of government decision-making
    • Understanding of the Social Determinants of Health index
    • Understanding of stakeholder engagement, communications, and public relations
    • Knowledge of the Not-for profits and Social Finance sectors
    • Knowledge of the key community issues affecting Canada’s visible minority communities

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