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    Economic Inclusion

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    Economic Inclusion

    Every business transaction has an economic, environmental, social impact on our communities. In collaboration with our partners, we are gathering data to understand the barriers to economic inclusion and its impact on the most vulnerable groups.


    We are committed to finding solutions to remove those barriers and we seek to enhance economic opportunities for all.


    Our approach is to build healthy communities by increasing community capital. We understand that healthy communities require multiple types of capital. These types of community capital include:

    1. human capital;
    2. economic capital;
    3. social capital;
    4. cultural capital; and
    5. physical capital.

    Key Facts

    Fact 1

    Economic exclusion is when individuals cannot access economic resources and opportunities such as participation in paid work, procurement competitions, and financial capital. All of these forms of exclusion are common to Black Indigenous, people of colour, recent immigrants, women, and people with disabilities living in Canada.

    Fact 2

    In Canada, the federal government alone spends $18-20 billion per year procuring goods and services. Over the next ten years, the Canadian federal government will spend $180 billion on infrastructure investments. Learn more here